Why You Need Message Fallbacks for SMS Marketing Campaigns

Why You Need Message Fallbacks for SMS Marketing Campaigns

In this highly connected world, a massive 6.65 billion people have smartphones, and according to a recent study, 75% of consumers want to receive offers via SMS.

This is why so many businesses have taken advantage of the power of SMS marketing to send updates to customers, keep them engaged, boost sales, and increase customer loyalty.

With so much of our planet now running on digital, we often forget that issues with mobile data networks or WiFi happens.

We may also overlook the impact SMS marketing messages not delivering has on our business. But there are real risks to SMS notifications and push notifications failing to send for one reason or another.

In this blog, you’ll learn more about those risks of SMS delivery failures as well as the best solution to tackle them: Message fallbacks.

What happens when SMS marketing fails to deliver

Some recipients didn’t receive your SMS messages, so what? Well, you might not think this is a big deal, but customers not receiving all or any of your messages can seriously harm your business.

Revenue loss

If your customers aren’t receiving all of your SMS marketing messages, you could be missing out on vital revenue. This is especially true for time-sensitive sales!

Value loss

We all love getting our value for money, right? Well what happens when you pay for SMS marketing messages and several communication channels, and people don’t receive them? You lose value very quickly and throw money down the drain!

Decreased engagement

When your customers don’t receive consistent messaging from you, they are more likely to become less engaged over time than customers who receive all of your SMS marketing messages.

Reduced awareness

Let’s say you have a flash sale coming up and want customers to know. You intend to send the SMS marketing message to 1,000 recipients, but only 800 receive the message. That’s 200 potential sales you’ve lost because customers were unaware of your sale!

What is a message fallback? How can it help with SMS delivery?

Text messages and push notifications do not deliver more often than you’d think for several reasons, such as network issues or your customer’s phone being turned off.

To combat this and ensure your audience receives your business texts, SMS marketing platforms like Grambell have something we call a “message fallback”.

A message fallback is a second message that your SMS marketing platform will send to customers if the first message didn’t deliver properly.

For example, your SMS marketing platform might attempt to send the SMS again a few hours later. Or it might try SMS first, then use WhatsApp, Facebook messages, or an app notification as the fallback option.

Message fallbacks are particularly useful for urgent messages, like those from banks, ride-sharing apps, or retail deliveries.

The 6 benefits of messaging fallbacks for businesses

Now that you understand the risks associated with SMS sending fails and how message fallbacks can save you from potential business losses, here are some

#1 Right person, right time

One of the most important and effective marketing rules for achieving the best outcome is to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. An SMS fallback will ensure you always stick to the “right time” part of that rule.

#2 Customers prefer SMS

According to a study by Thrive, almost 50% of consumers would rather receive brand update texts than emails. So by ensuring they always get their messages on time, they won’t have to resort to checking emails. Something most people want to avoid!

#3 Stay relevant

Your SMS marketing messages must be relevant if you want to increase customer engagement. If your message fails to send or sends at a much later time than intended, you can annoy customers and seem disorganised.

#4 Increase customer loyalty

Letting customers know about exclusive discounts, rewards for loyalty programs, and time-sensitive sales can help to increase loyalty and make them feel valued. You’ll earn their trust by staying consistent and timely with these updates.

#5 Improve brand reputation

Suppose you can send on-point SMS marketing messages at just the right time. In that case, customers will perceive you as a quality business that cares about its customers, communicates effectively, and stays efficient, resulting in a better brand image.

#6 Increased brand awareness

By using a message fallback option, you can easily message customers on alternative channels who aren’t subscribed to push notifications with your business, this way, you can reach more customers than you would without the message fallback.

Want to send conversion-boosting SMS campaigns but don’t have time?

We hope you now understand what can happen if your SMS texts fail to send and how you can resolve this problem with message fallbacks! But if you’re too busy to spend time on the technical side of SMS marketing, why not let Grambell do the hard work for you?

Our innovative no-code messaging platform helps you quickly compare and connect global messaging providers with one simple API – giving you more time to focus on marketing. But it doesn’t just deliver your messages on time, every time.

Grambell also lets you pull your reports from multiple SMS providers into one easy-to-analyse place, makes automated message flows simple, and allows you to set up fallbacks to eliminate message delivery failures.

If you’d like to see how Grambell can help your business and save 15-30% per million messages, register today.